Photos and Items about the members of the 60th Station Hospital


Touch Football Team, 60th Station Hospital,
Chinon, September 1961." All the people were team members or coaches. The man kneeling on the extreme right #19 was a coach. (M'Sgt Bob Morgan ?). So far we have #1 as John Carroll, #3 is Tom Caldwell, and # 15 Richard Thomas.
Larry Herzig #12 (See Guestbook) #7 Dean From Arkansas,
#13 Paul Kohutek.

Any Other identification of the men shown here would be very much appreciated.

                                                                        Photo contributed by Richard Thomas   rthomas@rrpac.upr.clu.edu 

#7 is Dean (from Arkansas. a great softball pitcher) #12 is me Larry Herzig and #13 is paul Kohutek


Kneeling in the front, that's me, Lt. Persons with the pipe and that's Capt. Henry Matthews with the double clip.

Our thanks to Lt. Persons for sharing this with us. Read his item in the guest book. Lets all help name
those others on this real nice photo. Dec. 2008 update, Michelle Chauvin-Riley is the girl in
the photo, see her information in the guest book.