On this page we will have photos and items from around the Chinon area.


Buck Barker sent us this note.

"There was a frenchman that worked on post, I believe in personnel, that painted that picture on the wall, that little bar is were I spent most of my time off duty.  The way to the bar was when you came in to Chinon
down that big winding hill past the chateau turn left and go out about five miles and turn left again for about three miles on the left side of the road. I can't remember the name of that little town, just a lot of good memories".



                                          Moving Day at our home in LaRochelle Chinon

Chinon Stories

Chinon goes "HOLLYWOOD" In 1968 Chinon helped Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn win 3 Academy Awards in the movie, "The Lion in Winter."