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Photos of those Fageol buses found the same day we ask for them. A GI that drove them while stationed at Chinon has rare photos of those Army buses. Those Bus Drivers were fast.

Our sincere thanks to James LePant

This website has photos and maps of army hospitals in WWI 

in France. Plan on spending some time here.
161. One of the buildings, Camp Hospital No. 56, Avoine
4. Building in Tours in which the finance and accounting division of the chief surgeon's office was located
126. Airplane view of Base Hospital No. 7, Joue-les-Tours
One of the french worker on the General Depot, called Serge Boisseau now living in Amboise (near Tours) would like to know if the assistant of major Guerfein (1961-1965) whose name was Francis Samson ( and wife Nancy, living in Alexandria, Wash.DC) are still alive. He is waiting for good news but he does not practice Web ( 82 years old). So , thanks for giving me an answer if you know about that, I shall transmit.
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                                                                        Another bus photo 

                                                     These busses could be converted to ambulances